About us

This documentary series will explore the history of video games starting from the late seventies to the present day with a focus on how these experiences have impacted both our culture and society around the world. With the video games market developing quite differently in various territories, early arcades right through to modern day consoles will be covered in the 3 key regions of America, Europe and Asia. Platforms, games, and innovations as they develop year after year and decade after decade will unfold against the backdrop of an authentically replicated, era appropriate teenager’s room as it evolves to showcase technological progress as well as changes in the popularity of gaming platforms and overall brands.

It is through my experience and respect for the industry that I saw a need to properly capture video game history through the most comprehensive video project to date. A project that will help people reconnect with their childhoods while also providing future generations with a better understanding of where video games have been and where they are going.

Each episode and the content within will be woven together featuring interviews from industry legends as well as individuals who have been affected or inspired by certain events in video gaming history.

By immersing viewers in each year and decade of video gaming, those who lived those years will get to relive them again, while those who didn’t will get to experience it and see the crucial role gaming played in shaping cultural and social influences that left a lasting impact on several generations.