video games history

A captivating documentary series that places viewers into a specific year of video game history. By immersing viewers in each year and decade of video gaming, those who lived those years will get to relive them again.



Damir Slogar

With over 35 years spent in the video game industry and credited for over 100 games across 20 different platforms, Damir has experienced the video game industry through and through. He started his career in the mid 80's as a programmer. In 1999, he moved to Canada and continued as a lead programmer, later founding Big Blue Bubble in 2002, which became one of the best mobile games studios in North America.


Mike Diver

British author, editor and journalist, specializing in video games and music, whose career has covered the BBC, VICE and the LADbible Group. He has written and edited a range of books on video games, including Indie Games and Retro Gaming.


Fran Tran

With a background in communications and PR, Fran has taken the many skills and experiences she has gained over the years and applied them to the world of production. Segueing into producer roles on various productions, Fran has since produced a number of projects with others currently in development.


Vedran Perisic

Vedran studied at the European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark. He holds deep knowledge and experience in the area of multimedia production. With an impressive career spanning over 30 years, Vedran has achieved numerous industry accomplishments and in that time, founded three successful companies: Bit Factory (1995), Adria AMS (2002) and Agregator (2012).


  • 20k

    Number of Games played

  • 80+

    Joysticks destroyed

    to make the documentary

  • 100+

    Gaming systems reviewed

  • 1500+

    Hours spent waiting for games to load

    it's called "research"



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